The product

Autonomous Knight offers an innovative ecosystem centred around its high-performance LEO multispectral sensor. Designed for challenging conditions, the LEO sensor provides advanced detection and identification capabilities with rapid frame rates. This configurable solution adapts to various applications, leveraging the power of multispectral imaging to tackle complex real-world problems. Whether for security, environmental monitoring, or industrial automation and Automotive, the Autonomous Knight platform delivers an integrated suite of tools and technologies to empower users with superior situational awareness and actionable insights. By combining cutting-edge sensor hardware with a comprehensive software ecosystem, Autonomous Knight enables autonomous and semi-autonomous solutions that redefine the possible.

LEO & SDK: Two souls destined to entwine

The SDK, a golden key,
Unlocks the sensor’s symphony.
A gateway to a realm unseen,
Where light’s spectrum, the true queen.


Elevate the multispectral sensing capabilities to new heights with our cutting-edge Software Development kit (SDK). Seamlessly integrating with our industry-leading multispectral sensor LEO, our SDK places a wealth of advanced analytical tools right at your fingertips.

Effortlessly extract insights from your multispectral data with our SDK’s robust data processing and visualization capabilities. Leverage powerful algorithms to identify patterns, classify objects, and generate impactful reports – all within a user-friendly interface.

Our SDK empowers you to tailor the performance of your multispectral sensor to your unique application needs. Easily configure settings, integrate custom algorithms, and create specialized workflows – all without the complexity of low-level device programming.

Eliminate the time-consuming challenges of sensor integration and development. Our SDK provides a proven, well-documented framework that allows you to rapidly deploy your multispectral solutions, so you can focus on driving innovation and delivering transformative results.

Unlock the full potential of your multispectral sensing technology with our cutting-edge SDK, featuring advanced AI models tailored to your application and ready for deployment. Contact us today to learn how we can help you harness the power of precision multispectral analysis.

Unlock the power of generative AI on LEO= Multispectral simulator & Digital Twin

With each simulation,
a new world unfolds,
Landscapes of insight,
ripe for the reaping.
Sensors drink deep,
their vision manifolds,
As the AI’s imagination takes root,
forever seeping.


Cultivate Innovation with Our Multispectral Sensor’s AI-Powered Simulation Environment

Unlock the true potential of our industry-leading multispectral sensor LEO with our groundbreaking simulation environment. This cutting-edge platform harnesses the power of generative AI to push the boundaries of what’s possible with your advanced sensing technology.

Through iterative, data-rich simulations, our AI-driven environment allows your multispectral sensor to continuously adapt, expand, and refine its capabilities. From enhanced object detection to more precise material analysis, experience exponential performance gains tailored to your specific application needs.

Eliminate the guesswork and lengthy testing cycles often associated with sensor integration. Our simulation environment enables you to rapidly prototype, refine, and validate new sensor configurations, algorithms, and workflows – all within a risk-free, virtual landscape.

Leverage the generative nature of our AI-powered simulations to uncover hidden patterns, relationships, and insights within your multispectral data. Empower your team to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive breakthrough innovation and deliver unparalleled value to your customers.

Embrace the future of multispectral sensing with our AI simulation environment. Contact us today to learn how this transformative technology can elevate your sensor’s performance and propel your business to new heights.